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3D printing in sculptures, exploring the digital world

Each artistic work brings with it the passion of its creator. Art reflects the sensitivity and technique of the artist who seeks through shapes and colors to demonstrate his perception of the world.

This work requires patience, a sense of purpose and a lot of dedication.

For many artists, creation appears directly in the physical world, through conventional tools. A draft becomes a work of art, after much improvement of the original idea.

We live in an age, when technology invites the creation of the impossible.

The virtual world seems to have invaded our lives. In everything we do, we recognize the power that technology has over our preferences and tastes, in addition to the quick connection that can take us anywhere on the planet.

It can be a difficult barrier for those who master clay and paper, but the results are impressive for explorers who are already venturing into the digital world.

Whether in the creation of a sculpture with modern virtual reality resources, or in the fantastic creation of realistic masks for the production of films and exhibitions, 3D printing moves forward in the artistic universe.

Many artists already work with resources offered by UP3D, such as Raise3D 3D printers, Tiertime and Shining 3D scanners.

The Pro2XPlus scanner can be used to capture data from an initial sculpture. This is how beautiful projects were born, where the generated three-dimensional model was carefully refined and subsequently gained large dimensions.

Tiertime’s 3D printers are prominent in creating extremely rich details in the works of international exhibitors.

The large sculptures, on the other hand, were due to the exceptional work created by Raise3D printers.

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